Saturday, January 8, 2011


I always win
I hold the key
I Love "Ownership!"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Carolines path continued

by slave caroline... 

Mistress Envy's continued to rub the silk laden riding crop
 up and down slave caroline's sissy stick.
 the slave struggled and squirmed, but her satin-bowed restraints held fast. 
"Please Goddess Mistress Envy, i beg You, please," pleaded slave caroline. 
"Pet, what is it that you are begging me for, hmm" chuckled Mistress Envy.
 "Please Mistress Envy, you are going to make me squirt."
 "Well you know slave caroline that you may never squirt if I don't give you permission.
 Afterall, your sissy stick is my property just as you are. Do you have permission slave?"
 At that moment slave caroline could no longer resist and her sissy stick exploded.
 It shot out on on to Mistress Envy's lovely black high heels. slave caroline was mortified. 
Squirting against Mistress Envy's wishes...and worst of all on to Her high heels. 
On the St. Andrew's cross slave caroline began to whimper in fear. 
What and how would Mistress Envy respond to this most grievous of sins.
 Mistress Envy did not say anything for a moment and
 then moved toward slave caroline and lifted the slave's chin with Her kid gloved index finger and smiled. 
Still Mistress Envy was mute. Then the Mistress began to untie slave caroline's bonds. 
Next Mistress Envy pointed to the floor. slave caroline knew that this signal meant
 for her to fall to her hands and knees. Immediately the slave obeyed. 
Mistress Envy moved the toe of Her high heel under the slave's nose.
 "Lick slave!" As slave caroline began to lick up her sissy juice 
Mistress Envy put Her hands on Her hips and laughed. "slave caroline,
 I have taken away your manhood, dignity and you will forever be My prissy sissy slave."
To be continued

Pathetic Loser

the hangers weren't enough
the loser needed more...
so I had the loser attach some shoes to the other end of the hangers
I really get off on pain
I dont know why but I do

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loser Calendar LOL

just click it on to enlarge and save lol

want to be on a calender ask me how! :)~

send in a photo along with an application fee
the first 12 get on the calendar
at the end of the year the best loser of the month
will get
 5 free mins!
that might be fun!
 let me know what you think email me or leave me a comment!

in the meantime
check out this out
anything for me
any time
any where
when ever I say
Because I own YOU ...You Pathetic Loser!

For YOU Losers...

Happy New Year Losers!
Need a New Calender
of course you do... lol
especially because its of me :)
and I know how you Love me
xo I love you too ! 
this gives me an idea..
How about a Loser Calender
where you send me photos... or I take them while your on cam LOL
each month we will have a different loser of the month calender photo
something to think about

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Call Me Call Envy on Niteflirt be my sissy slut!

now just think...
if I have these of me on youtube..
oh my
what else do I have on there and of whom?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My #1 Pathetic Sissy Slut


google pathetic sissy slut
its YOU

I'll take your dignity and give you no mercy marcy!

slave caroline punishment choices..continued

slave caroline punishment choices...

the High Heel Humiliator, the Satin Room or a new toy in the dungeon.
"Mistress Envy, the new toy in the dungeon please."
"Very well, my pet slave. Follow me." said Mistress Envy as She pulled the slave's leash and collar.
 slave caroline followed on hands and knees behind the Mistress and they soon entered the dungeon. "slave caroline, go and stand on the St. Andrew's cross." Obeying slave caroline stood with her back to the cross and awaited the new form of torture from Mistress Envy. It was not long before Mistress Envy approached her slave with satin ribbons. slave caroline's ankles were first secured with the three inch wide satin and each was tied in a bow.

Next, Mistress Envy tied caroline's with securely, also with cute bows. "Now for your new toy pet" laughed Mistress Envy. Mistress Envy turned around and in her kid gloved hand was a riding crop, but it was different. On the loop at the end of the crop were satin ribbons. Mistress Envy ran the crop and ribbons through Her long fingers glancing at Her pathetic and helpless slave.

What did Goddess Mistress Envy have planned? slave caroline began to whimper, naturally, and tug at her ribbon tied hands, but to no avail. Mistress Envy began to caress slave caroline's body with the ribbons. At first it was the slave's face, arms and legs. Then more sensitive areas and finally the sissy stick. slave caroline began to squirm and beg as the feel of satin overwhelmed her.

All this time Mistress Envy just laughed at her slave until caroline was begging for mercy.
It was at this time Mistress Envy slipped the loop of the riding crop with the satin ribbons attached over slave caroline's sissy stick. The Mistress then began to rub the crop up and down slave caroline's shaft. "Aw, look at slave caroline make love to the riding crop."Hahahahaha
To be continued 

No Boundries in 2011...

You won't have to show this sissy who wears the pants,
 as he obviously prefers skirts, stockings and blouses

no limits

understand that loser? be prepared to pay and play!

because that is what you are for 
to make and keep me happy!
understand loser!?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Marcy and Jim update! lmao

How fucking pathetic!
Sissy Slut Marcy forgot to hide her info when she filled out facebook

the pathetic slut

oh I even have the message "Jim " left lmaoooo

Let me post it for you to hear hahahah

LMAO marcy it was probably another one that wanted their dick sucked !


Caroline continued in the New Year...

more phone tales written into words from caroline....

* slave caroline could feel the sensation to squirt building as she continued her worship strokes. 
"Stop, slave caroline," came the command from Mistress Envy. 
Obedient as always the slave stopped. "slave caroline, take the glove off and hand it to me. Did to squirt or leak without my permission? Hmm?" questioned the Goddess Mistress.
 "No Mistress Envy, i have been an obedient slave.
" On hands and knees. head bowed,  the sissy slave held out the kid glove for Mistress Envy to examine. 
Suddenly slave caroline felt the crop across the side of her face. 
her memory leaped back to when cousin Elizabeth had struck slave caroline to same way with Her crop. 
Cousin Elizabeth was 14 at the time and dressed in Her equestrian outfit. 
slave caroline was 12, but the memory today was oh so vivid. 
"pet, it appears that you did not control yourself and disobeyed Me," laughed Mistress Envy. 
Hearing these words slave caroline immediately began to snivel and grovel, kissing Mistress Envy's high heels." Mistress Envy allowed caroline the privilege of humiliating herself for a few minutes. 
"slave caroline, you will be disciplined my pet. 
Aw, but I will allow you to choose the punishment. 
you may pick either the High Heel Humiliator, the Satin Room or a new toy that I have in the dungeon.
Go ahead and make a choice My slave caroline. Hahahaha."
To be continued
<~ in the next box...... LOL

How F*cking Pathetic!

  • marcy has a secret admirer lol 
  •  They are in Valdez, Alaska.
  • The person "Jim" found her on face book.
  • oh my marcy!
  • you slut!

  • everyone wants marcy lmaoooooo
  • unreal !

  • Marcy see youre loved lol and wanted ! 

  • LMAO  But, they really shouldn't be calling you ... without permission..
  • soooo Jim if you are around .. don't call marcy unless youre told to! 
  • or have permission! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

One of my All time favorite videos of my pathetic loser ms.marcy

plus its like you getting a free mp3
listen then call me loser! lol

Can't wait to top things off!
marcy gets to go away again soon and then we are off to playing!