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Reality Meets Fantasy by prissysissyslavecaroline

Subject:for Mistress Envy
Date:Oct 10, 2013 08:10 PM

At last the dream would become reality. As the jet began its approach sissy slave caroline's mind was racing. In a few minutes Mistress Envy would greet slave caroline. It had been three years since slave caroline first spoke with Mistress Envy. Fantasy was going to become reality.
To prepare for the trip slave caroline had followed Mistress Envy's instruction to the letter. slave caroline had gone through  a complete make over. slave caroline could only imagine what Mistress Envy has in store for her. Underneath the facade of male clothing slave caroline had her sissy stick tied back between her legs with a pink satin ribbon that tied around her waist. slave caroline was also wearing pink satin panties and black tights as well as black patent leather Mary Jane shoes.
The plane taxied to the terminal and other passengers deplaned. sissy slave caroline gathered herself and prepared to present herself as the demure, feminine sissy slave Mistress Envy had trained her to be. As she stepped into the terminal caroline immediately recognized Mistress Envy...a Goddess of beauty and domination. Mistress Envy was adorned in navy blue high heels, opaque navy blue stockings. a navy blue pleated skirt with a matching blazer, around Her waist was a red wishbone belt. Her blouse was a red and white pin stripe  oxford bloth blouse. Her ensemble was accented with gold hoop earring, bracelet and necklace.
With hands together and head bowed in submission slave caroline approached Mistress Envy. caroline curtseyed and started to utter words, "Good day Mis....." Instantly caroline was swatted with the riding crop Mistress Envy wielded. "Did I give you permission to speak?" Caroline meekly replied. "No Goddess Mistress Envy."
caroline stood there like a truckling sissy awaiting Mistress Envy's instruction. What seemed like an eternity was only a minute or so.
"so caroline elizabeth, here you are My pet." Mistress Envy let out a small laugh as caroline elizabeth awaited her new life. "I have a gift for you slave" uttered Mistress Envy as She hand her a white box wrapped in black satin ribbon.
Having no idea what the contents of the box was caroline elizabeth carefully unties the satin ribbon and open the box. Inside the box was a black wishbone belt collar and matching leash. caroline dared not say a word for fear of repeated punishment with the riding crop. Mistress Envy got close to caroline elizabeth and Mistress Envy's perfume enslaved the sissy's senses.
"caroline elizabeth, you will look so helpless with this symbol of My domination over you."
Mistress Envy took the collar out of the box and fastened it around the slave's neck. Next she attached the leash and dictated Her command. "Come slave caroline elizabeth."
Mistress Envy pulled the leash and caroline elizabeth followed behind Mistress Envy three steps with her head bow in humiliation and submission. At a quick pace caroline elizabeth was having a difficult time staying behind her Mistress. Suddenly Mistress Envy stopped, turned on Her heel and slapped caroline elizabeth with the riding crop. The Dominatrix continued to punish Her slave. caroline elizabeth was totally helpless and at Mistress Envy's mercy.
By this time a crowd was gathering as Mistress Envy used the instrument of discipline. caroline elizabeth was fawning in humiliation. Mistress Envy snapped Her fingers and pointed downward. caroline elizabeth fell to her hands and knees.
"slave caroline elizabeth, tell everyone what the jewelry around My ankle is pet. " Yes Mistress Envy. "The two gold balls on the anklet was my manhood Mistress. It's now a symbol that i am wrapped around Your finger and slave for life Mistress Envy."
With hands on Her hips the Mistress looked downd and said,"Very good slave caroline elizabeth." The toe of Mistress Envy's high heel was under caroline elizabeth's nose. "Go ahead My poor pathetic fool, have your treat." caroline elizabeth began to kiss Mistress Envy's high heels. To be continued

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Drag Queens In Half Drag

the possibilities are endless