Friday, December 17, 2010

The reunion slave caroline continued

The day of the reunion had arrived.
Arriving at the hotel Mistress Envy exited the limosine with her slave in tow.

Upon entering the Crystal Ball Room all eyes were immediately drawn to the exquistite beauty of Mistress Envy. She looked gorgeous in Her Donna Karan Wrap Dress. 
It was accented with beautiful gloves, jewelry and high heels. 
All in attendance wondered who this vision of fashion was. 
And of course there was Her sissy slave caroline being led on her collar and leash. 
slave caroline was so adorable in a green velvet dress with a red and green tafetta bodice.
Around the waist was a red satin ribbon that tied in a bow on the waist. It matched the bow that draped from slave caroline's hair. In addition, there were green tights and red Mary Jane shoes. 
After gaining composure and admiring this woman's beauty the alumnus at the registration table uttered, "You will have to help me. I don't seem to recall you in the class."
Mistress Envy retorted, "Oh, I am not in the class, but my...slave was.
I am Mistress Envy and this, pulling the leash, is slave caroline. 
I believe you knew her as carol." 
All this time slave caroline stood obediently three steps behind Mistress. 
Mistress Envy had allowed caroline the privilege of walking in rather than crawling.
Across the room there She was...Sally. Mistress Envy walked towards Sally with Her slave. 
Standing in front of Sally Mistress Envy's finger pointed to the floor. 
Immediately slave caroline dropped to her knees head bowed.
"Sally, it is a pleasure to meet You. 
Slave caroline has told me so much about You.
 It's as though we have been friends since grade school." HaHaHa 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh my does anyone remember the basketball coach ?

You remember Julia , don't you?

Let me refresh your memory......

See Below

it was so good to hear from you!
As promised Julia I added your photos to todays blog 
Until the next time ! 

Howie says...

Please fuck me over
fuck me over some more...
so guess what?
I am up at 1:30am fucking Howie over...

Did you know I made a page just for Howie tonight....
It has all kinds of special items on it.

Its our little secret page.

I love making secret pages...

Just ask My Sissy Slut Ms.Marcy LOL

***I have many secret pages on marcy ..***
some password protected some not! lol

Now I have one on Howie too :)~
Howies page is password protected but.. the password is very easy..
if you know Howie... LOL

How about you? are you next????

Wednesday, December 15, 2010







Loser strips in the car for me..

Loser will do anything for me
any place
any time!

if you like these photos you should see the ones on the VIP page
who wants to see them?
I really like this photo below...
I want to draw a pussy on marcy lol

My Pathetic loser was tired

soooo I figured I would


I started to make you a video.see above..
but I got a call 
go figure...LOL
It doesnt matter does it ?
because you are a loser..
maybe its another loser callling to stroke their skinny little dick for me
or maybe its a real man
how about one more little video tease...
I love teasing my loser..

Caroline continued 4

Mistress Envy's words stung Her slave's mind. High school reunion and Sally....To go back after all the years and see Sally. From fifth grade through high school Sally had secretly controlled slave caroline. The sissy slave was in love with Sally but could never tell Her though. Sally was a cheerleader, class officer and so very popular. Sally wore a wishbone belt. She stood with her hands on hips and total self assurance. slave caroline fantisized about being Sally's slave and groveling at Her feet. Sally knew that this boy existed but had no interest in acknowledging him. he could only dream and so he did. But now Mistress Envy was going to put slave caroline's collar and leash on and present Her sissy pet to Sally. Mistress Envy would surely make Her slave tell Sally everything. slave caroline's daydreaming was interrupted by Mistress Envy voice. "What shall i dress my sissy slave in for her coming out party?" HaHaHa

Ownership / Control

Ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property
msmarcyPropertyofCallEnvy                                  5-star DcLet even you own pleasure become under her control 

Ownership is self-propagating in that the owner of any property will also own the economic benefits of that property.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

slave caroline you will stop squirming

"slave caroline, you do not have permission to squirt. you will stop squirming."
 On the brink of orgasm slave caroline obeyed his Mistress and ceased his torturous wiggling. 
To have squirted without permission from Mistress Envy would have been sinful. Squirting in the satin straight jacket would have been a cardinal sin. 
"pet I am going to let you roll over and look up at me as I sit and cross my legs." Mistress Envy did sit and crossed Her long gorgeous legs. 
She dangled Her high heel above slave caroline's face. "slave caroline, you received a piece of mail today. 
Would you like to know what it is pet?" 
"Yes, please Mistress Envy." Who could be sending the sissy slave mail?
 "My, my slave caroline it's an invitation...
to your high school reunion." 
Fear ran through the slave's mind and body.
 "Reunion Mistress" said slave caroline. 
"Yes, and there is a personal note to you from Sally." 
"Oh Mistress Envy, pleased don't make me go....
Sally...oh no.
To be continued


Alex is my banker friend...
Alex is a closet cock sucker.
Alex wants everyone to know.
He doesn't want to hide anymore.

Alex has been with many more..
many more men then women,,,,

Alex is scared.
Alex is scared to let everyone know...
But, Alex will be okay.

Alex will be okay because I will always be there for him.

I will hold his hand..

Alex will do anything for me.

I love owning Alex.

Alex tucks me in at night.

Alex will be dreaming tonight.
Alex dreams every night of waking up in his lovers arms..
these arms are strong..
these arms are of another man...
I love that Alex can confess to me..

Alex makes me happy.

Alex loves me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

More homage to Goddess Mistress Envy from Caroline..

Mistress Envy opened the pink satin box. "Hmmm, which one shall I choose for you pet?" asked Mistress Envy. sissy slave caroline lay prostrate in the pink satin staright jacket at His Mistress' feet. "you will enjoy these slave." On the satin floor a few feet away from slave caroline was a pair of black, opera length, four button, kid leather gloves. slave caroline began to squirm toward the two seductive gloves. "Kiss your fetish item caroline. you are a slave to kid leather gloves,"HaHaHa. As slave caroline reached the gloves and perfumed odor of the gloves penetrated her nostrils, "Mistress Envy, Chanel No. 5." Yes slave, I know how weak the gloves and Chanel make you feel", chuckled Mistress Envy. Across the room Mistress Envy threw a black tafetta ribbon and bow to the floor. "Squirm to the next fetish item that enslaves you pet." Next was a high heel, a riding crop, Mary Jane shoes, and the ultimate, a wishbone belt. slave caroline subserviently squirmed to each fetish item and paid homage. This all quite amused Mistress Envy as She surveyed Her helpless sissy slave. But not as much as what else was happening to slave caroline. The more that slave caroline squirmed in the satin straight jacket on the satin floor the more her sissy stick became aroused. Aroused to the point that slave caroline felt an incredible urge to squirt her sissy juice. Of course, squirting was not allowed without permission from Mistress Envy. Punishment would be severe. On the edge of squirting slave caroline cried out to Mistress Envy, "Please Goddess Mistress Envyyyyyyyy!"
To be continued

How Pathetic

Last night ms.marcy got an email from craigs list

I knew it was a fake...
why did I think this?

because it was a 29 year old girl that answered the ad

Come on what 29 yr woman would want pleasure from a loser?!

Poor Marcy was so disappointed ... got dressed and waited
and waited
and waited
and waited

of course she did not show up!

what a LOSER!
but she did have on pretty shoes see below... poor marcy stood up!

Caroline continued

Mistress Envy was throughly enjoying Herself as She watched her pet grovel and squirm in the Satin Room. 
What a pleasure it was to be amused by such a sniveling sissy slave. 
slave caroline had lost track of time but knew that she must continue to squirm.
As she laid in the prostrate position awaiting her next command the toe of Mistress Envy's high heel appeared. It was less than an inch from slave caroline's nose. 
"Go ahead and have your treat. Kiss My high heel."
 Immediately slave caroline began to tenderly kiss and lick the symbol of domination that Mistress Envy stood upon. Between kisses slave caroline uttered, "Mistress Envy, with each kiss i taste more and more of Your domination.
"Just as quickly as the high heel had appeared it was now gone. 
slave caroline thought to herself about what she had done wrong.
 Would Mistress Envy inflict some other form of torture?

 Mistress Envy returned carrying a pink satin box, the same color satin that adorned the Satin Room. "prissy sissy slave caroline,
 I have another treat for you.' laughed Mistress Envy. HAHAHAHA
To be continued

Sunday, December 12, 2010


My loser does anything for me 

oh and I have a part 3 of the caroline story coming up later today
so stay tuned!

Plus Marcy is going to get some new clothes today
so we can play later...

I have to share one of my favorite videos with you...
Hey loser 
dont you dare cum without permission
understand loser?