Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Pathetic Sissy Slut


  [dig-ni-tee]  Show IPA
–noun, plural -ties.
bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect orappreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion orsituation.
nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity ofsentiments.
elevated rank, office, station, etc.
relative standing; rank.
a sign or token of respect: an impertinent question unworthyof the dignity of an answer.
Archaic .
person of high rank or title.
such persons collectively.

spoken like a true loser

12/11/2010   msmarcyPropertyofCallEnvy  5-star

She loves humiliating stupid and worthless losers.
It’s a form of edge play that intoxicates me and gives her the power that her dominant nature thrives on. Mockery, and ridicule is what worthless and inadequate losers like me deserve. 

so true so true my inadequate loser

Tonight marcy will be avaliable to play ...
she will be at Days Inn airport. Little Rock Arkansas
bankhead <~ she will give you head and pay for it you can bank on that!

it must be loser night because the sneaker guy stu is back! lol
do you remember him?
he found a woman to let him have her boyfriends smelly old sneakers to lick clean with his tongue!
HOW PATHETIC ! HE calls me and does this!! STU you are pathetic Thats as close to a woman you as you will get!
licking her mans sneakers clean and smelling them hahhahaa

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday..

almost merry kissmas
kiss this

The satin room... by slave caroline in tribute to her Mistress CallEnvy

Still dazed from the High Heel Humiliator slave caroline felt Mistress Envy pull her ear.
"Come with me pet. I have another fetish treat for you."
Slave caroline had no choice but to be led by Mistress Envy's kid gloved fingers as She grasped the slave's ear lobe.

 Off the dungeon was a hall way the slave had never been down before. Mistress Envy opened a door and the Mistress and her slave entered a 10'x10' room, but this was no ordinary room. The walls and floor were covered in pink satin and on the ceiling was a mirror.

 "Welcome to the Satin Room slave caroline." Mistress Envy's submissive subject stood in silence overcome by the aura of the room. "Here my pet, this is for you," giggled Mistress Envy as She handed slave caroline a pink full-length, ankles to neck, satin straight jacket.
 "Oh, please do slip it on. I had it made epecially for you My slave." slave caroline stepped into the straight jacket and inserted her arms into the sleeves to were sewn into the sides of the torture device.
Once it was on Mistress Envy tied the back of the straight jacket together with satin ribbons. Standing helpless slave caroline was mute and wondering what the Mistress had planned. Suddenly slave caroline felt a push from behind and landed prostrate on the pink satin floor.
 "Try and get up slave" commanded Mistress Envy. slave caroline struggled to gain traction so that she could obey Mistress Envy. Try as she might slave caroline could only squirm on the satin floor.
"Poor prissy sissy slave caroline" laughed Mistress Envy.
"Satin rubbing against satin creates no friction so the only thing you may do is squirm.
 Now I am standing only a few feet from you and i want you to come over and have a treat,
Kiss my high heels." It was indeed a treat when Mistress Envy allowed slave caroline the privilege of kissing Her high heels.

Squirming her way four feet to where Mistress Envy stood, hands on hips, seemed to take forever. she was only six inches away from her treat and the smell of the leather high heels lured her closer.
Suddenly Mistress Envy walked away.
slave caroline, I decided I wanted to stand over here, five feet away.
Squirm over and get your treat." Mistress Envy then laughed again at her helpless sissy slave caroline as she continued to squirm and grovel for Mistress. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

High Heel Humiliator continued....

Mistress Envy's words caused slave caroline to focus on the black velvet box.
"High Heel Humiliator Mistress Envy. Thank You for my gift Mistress.
" Eyes still riveted on the box slave caroline watched as Mistress Envy sat down on Her throne in front of her. Mistress Envy's hands slowly took the lid off of the box.
slave caroline's mind was racing with thoughts of what the High Heel Humiliator could be.
 The sissy slave knew that it was something that Mistress Envy would use to gain amusement.
 After all, that was why slave caroline existed...for Mistress Envy's pleasure and amusement.
 Mistress Envy dropped the box top and slave caroline strained to look at the contents. "slave caroline with this new toy i will once again use your fetishes to enslave you.

As you can see there are two, black high heels each with hollowed-out six inch heels.
And through the instep of each heel is a three inch wide red satin ribbon."
 Mistress Envy stood and walked toward slave caroline who was still tied to the cross.
 "This heel fits over your sissy stick and the ribbon ties behind your waist to hold it it place" Mistress Envy slid the heel over Her slave's sissy stick and tied a big bow behind her back.
"This heel will be inserted in your mouth pet and a bow will be tied behind your head to hold it in place.
It gives the illusion of My high heel on your face." slave caroline obediently opened her mouth as the heel was inserted and the satin bow was tied.
 "This hollow plastic tube connects the two high heels.
Guess what is next pet?
 Oh, that right you can't speak very well with a high heel in your mouth,' laughed Mistress Envy.
Mistress Envy walked back and sat on Her throne.
What could Mistress Envy have in mind though slave caroline.
"slave caroline, in my kid gloved hand I am holding a remote control.
With this instrument I can make the high heel on your sissy stick vibrate, contract or expand.
Of course this will make you want to squirt your sissy juice. And when I allow you to squirt you will suck it all, every drop, up through the plastic tube. Now slave caroline, isn't this high heel going to humiliate you?


whats this???


OH MY what does that mean??
I think it has something to do with my Pathetic Loser Marcy ... LOL

marcy is going to get a piece of cheese cake this morning
or a danish
to add a bit of frosting... LOL
a little cream on top ... and gobble gobble it up
yay marcy is allowed to finally cum after 5 weeks!
lmao what a loser

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The Deepest and most Enduring Castration of all, is the Psychological One! Like: Danger, Humiliation in public or for the public to see, exposure, mind games and real life ... cuz you can make me into anything you

Are you a footstool?

Mistress Envy entered the dungeon and found slave caroline where She had left her. slave caroline was spread eagle on the St. Andrews cross. her ankles and wrist were secured with satin and tafetta ribbon, the ribbons that slave caroline had a fetish for. Mistress Envy was strode over to slave caroline eyeing Her sissy slave holding a black velvet box. slave caroline was totally consumed by Mistress Envy's outfit... Six inch Italian-made, knee high black leather boots that laced up to the knee, skin-tight white jodphurs, black wishbone belt, white silk blouse with full sleeves. On Her hands were black kid leather gloves and dangling from Her wrist was Her signature riding crop. slave caroline was especially focused on the crop because Mistress Envy never hesistated to correct Her slave with its sting.
"slave caroline, I have your Christmas gift for you my pet." Thank You Mistress Envy," replied slave caroline keeping her eyes lowered in servitude. "Would you like to know what is in the black velvet box pet? Hmm?" Mistress envy's crop lifted slave caroline's chin. "yes please Mistress Envy." "slave caroline, it's a high heel humiliator for you."
To Be Continued

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What kind of mood am I in today? lol find out for yourself!

I may look sweet and innocent....but...
Looks can be deceiving 
Isn't that right my Pathetic little pet?!
Now listen.... and then be ready...
click the link .. to see my mood for today!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday adventures.....

Guess what happened today?
Today Jason my shoe slave called... okay he called numerous times because he cant live without me
I own Jason .... and he wants to give me everything
He wants to make me happy
Listen to this recording...
I will have a certificate on the wall it wont be a marriage license
It will be a certificate showing my financial ownership over Jason....
He is giving me everything...
He is giving me all of his money in all of his bank accounts 
I love my little shoe slave Jason ...
I have decided that Jason can live in my closet...
This isn't my regular closet this is my shoe closet...
How fitting  lol for Jason...
He can be my shoe closet Slave..

See the inside of my shoes... Jason wants to lick them...
Jason needs to clean them and Jason needs to SMELL THEM!
I am going to make you my cockold shoe slave

oh and by the way...
Jason ordered a pair of shoes today!
I cant wait for him to get them!
take a peek!