Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Look I am watching a Loser Retard!

my little puppet lol

how fucking pathetic 
loser you look like you swollowed a watermelon!
get back on that diet lol

lmaoooo dont you love when you type in the wrong IM

you look bored
11:52 AMyou can do more cross overs
11:52 AM25 more loser
11:53 AMcome on
11:53 AMdont look so grim
11:53 AMlet me cheer you up
11:53 AMlet me go post
11:53 AMhave some fun
11:54 AMsmile a little
11:54 AMrub more
11:54 AMlol
11:54 AMoops wrong IM OMG

One more week..

and I see ms.marcy
Any requests for photos? or videos?
Send them to me on Niteflirt.....

rained last time..
this time if it does I will have marcy dressed in her yellow slicker.. 
 I am going to leave her down the street...
she can walk back to the hotel or hitch a ride...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013