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Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Holidays

I was asked ... how I liked to be spoiled ...
so I will tell you ..
I love VS cards
or Amazon cards 
I also have a po box for surprise gifts! 
Thank you for a great year
You can spoil me with a call,  I LOVE CALLS! and FEEDBACK! 

Don't be Blue .. Call me CallEnvy xo

Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's Almost Christmas here's a little treat!

and dont forget to treat / tribute 
your goddess for the holidays 

see link above for video

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Plus marcy can suck my cock

but mark mar..... c 
cant go near me 
I would use a dick on a stick if that!

Its not throw back Thursday but

I had such a good time with ms marcy in Vegas...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Promo from my Tiny Dicked Muscle Friend Adam!

the video was to large for blogger so I split it 
into 2 parts

Transforming from a sissy to a faggot!

He sucked 6 cocks
in one night with photos 
see new post coming or should I put cumming
or came
lol :P go loser go!
so videos were removed...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

SO the faggot mark not marcy went to the theater today

While at the theater, he saw many men.
They were rubbing and touching themselves.
Mark went over and touched one of them!
He could tell, the guy obviously liked it.
So mark/marcy ,got on his knees...
and like a good faggot he sucked him off..

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Did I mention I can fuck you or
Fuck you over like I fuck over 
Mark Martincic ... besides who cares about him
I care about marcy not mark martincic he's pathetic 
He's a loser and a fucktard! 

I'm so fucking grateful for my callers :)

I will be around taking calls..
call me CallEnvy xo

Friday, December 7, 2018

What are you waiting for its Friday!

 I am taking calls on 

I like subs who are useful 💋Being my # is useful 💋Promoting My content & ME is useful 💋Calling Me on is useful 💋Sending Me a is useful Your #DICKLETTE? Not useful!!!!! Lurkers? Not useful Time wasters? Not useful Be USEFUL or fuck off and go back to your shitty life.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tumblr is about to cease to exist. 90%+ of their content is pornographic.

Tumblr will delete all porn from its platform

Tumblr, a microblogging service that’s impact on internet culture has been massive and unique, is preparing for a massive change that’s sure to upset many of its millions of users.
On December 17, Tumblr will be banning porn, errr “adult content,” from its site and encouraging users to flag that content for removal. Existing adult content will be set to a “private mode” viewable only to the original poster.
What does “adult content” even mean? Well, according to Tumblr, the ban means the removal of any media that depicts “real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts.”
This is a lot more complicated than just deleting some hardcore porn from the site; over the past several years Tumblr has become a hub for communities and artists with more adult themes. This has largely been born out of the fact that adult content has been disallowed from other multimedia-focused social platforms. There are bans on nudity and sexual content on Instagram and Facebook, though Twitter has more relaxed standards.
Why now? The Tumblr app was removed from the iOS app store several weeks ago due to an issue with its content filtering that led the company to issue a statement. “We’re committed to helping build a safe online environment for all users, and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to media featuring child sexual exploitation and abuse,” the company had detailed. “We’re continuously assessing further steps we can take to improve and there is no higher priority for our team.”
We’ve reached out to Tumblr for further comment.
Update: In a blog post titled “A better, more positive Tumblr,” the company’s CEO Jeff D’Onofrio minimized claims that the content ban was related to recent issues surrounding child porn, and is instead intended to make the platform one “where more people feel comfortable expressing themselves.”
“As Tumblr continues to grow and evolve, and our understanding of our impact on our world becomes clearer, we have a responsibility to consider that impact across different age groups, demographics, cultures, and mindsets,” the post reads. “Bottom line: There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content. We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.”
The imminent “adult content” ban will not apply to media connected with breastfeeding, birth or more general “health-related situations” like surgery, according to the company.
Tumblr is attempting to make aims to minimize the impact on the site’s artistic community as well, but this level of nuance is going to be incredibly difficult for them to enforce uniformly and will more than likely lead to a lot of frustrated users being told that their content does not qualify as “art.”
Tumblr is also looking to minimize impact on the more artistic storytelling, “such as erotica, nudity related to political or newsworthy speech, and nudity found in art, such as sculptures and illustrations, are also stuff that can be freely posted on Tumblr.”
I don’t know how much it needs to be reiterated that child porn is a major issue plaguing the web, but a blanket ban on adult content on a platform that has gathered so many creatives working with NSFW themes is undoubtedly going to be a pretty controversial decision for the company

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thirsty Thursday ... yes on Wednesday

So lets see... how do we start this entry...
It started as an assignment 
ms.marcy wanted her name off the blog.. and twitter lmaoooo 
Go figure! huh
I decided ... marcy could go on this app.. for men looking for men.
The idea was to suck at least one cock for me as Mark! 
No marcy clothes no marcy at ALL!
I wanted to show my faggot... that it doesnt matter 

And clothing is just an excu

Well... mark found a tranny she was a cute one too..
see photo below..

she was compensated for her time!
However while getting her BLOWJOB 
her BBC sucked... her job was to video it and take photos!

OH SHE DID THAT but while she did that she also 
decided to do some shopping on m&m's credit card!
sevyn romes 
502 Vencia drive San Jose, CA 95133 
831 201 9752

The order never would go through the CC company would have caught it but M&M caught it and stopped the fraudulent purchase

Here is her name address and phone number its all on the order 
What a night! 
marcy got fucked in more ways then one!
and its all real and true!
see all the videos and photos for proof!

and then there is this one ...suck that dick faggot!
PROOF ... a REAL man does not suck DICK!

Want to see the proof the videos and photos just email me or look for me on Twitter

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Gawd damn Adam's got a tiny ass dick

didn’t mean to use your real name lol


Trying to catch up! Hello hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and Black Friday .. 
Did you have a little Cyber action?
Well today is Tuesday and you know what that means!
Who will be Featured today? lol

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Can you imagine dressing full time.. all the time? Mmmmm

I love this sign!

DICKS Last Resort! lmaoooo says a lot huh marcy! lmao 
I mean mark martincic did I say marcy lol
see if this gets out youll be marcy all of the time

marcy's BOOBS looked so Good in that victoria secrets pink shirt

dont you think?
I loved your jeans too!
You looked great!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Theres Tiny and then theres almost nonexistent

wait until you see the video that goes with this photo!

OH my I love tiny DICK TUESDAY

I love tiny dick Tuesday!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

WOW ms.marcy has her own book out!

if you want a copy let me know!

available in hard cover or soft!

Get your autographed copy today! 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

It's almost Halloween!

Make sure you Tribute your Goddess/Mistress
no tricks just treats!