Friday, January 21, 2011

Caroline.... continued

What a delightful day it had been.
Mistress Envy was thoroughly enjoying humiliating slave caroline, 
There was one more stop to make, the jewelry store where a special surprise awaited the sissy. 
Seeing a dominatrix stroll through the mall with slave in tow on collar and leash was not an everyday occurence. slave caroline kept her head and eyes lowered, but she could hear the giggles and feel the stares. Once in the jewelry store Mistress Envy and slave were met by a Morgan Fairchild look alike.
 "Hello, I am Lydia, and I have been expecting you."
 "Thank you Lydia. I always enjoy visting your store.
 Do you have some items for us?"
 "Yes, and I believe that You will like them very much." 
Going over to one of the counter Mistress Envy surveyed a wide variety of jewelry. 
Once satisfied Mistress Envy ordered slave caroline to pay for the purchase. 
While looking at the receipt the slave noticed items that were paid for but had not been selected by Mistress Envy. Meekly slave caroline slightly raised her hand.
 "Yes pet, what is it" asked the Mistress.
 "Mistress Envy, there items here that You did not order." 
"My, slave caroline aren't you observant.
 Just be patient little one." 
While this exchange was going on Lydia returned with a black velvet box. 
the sissy started cowering remembering the last time she had seen a similar box. 
Lydia set the box down and opened the lid and puuled out several pieces of gold jewelry.
 "Just as You ordered Mistress Envy, The Whip Collection. Here is a 24k gold bracelet, necklace and earrings. Their texture of the gold looks exactly like that of Your riding crop."
 "Excellent Lydia. slave caroline these are for you wear for eternity as a symbol to the world of you enslavement to Me." Saying that She point to the floor where once again slave caroline fell to her hands and knees as Mistress Envy and Lydia laughed. 
To be continued once again thank you slave caroline for writing these stories for me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Bad Sissy! BAD MARCY

Marcy I know you love me
I know you want to make me happy...
but sending the link to our blog.... to other Mistresses
Is NOT the thing to do
Sending it to other sissys that are your friends...thats okay!

I know you only wanted to show off...
I know I understand...but this is not something you do..

so for punshiment you have to go in the lobby
and get the manager Danny to take some photos of you!
like a good sissy!
update: see photo below
marcy look at how you were sitting..
 were you trying to show off your panties?
YOU need to get some control!
Do YOU understand!?

now marcy wants to blow Danny!
 The guy who took the photos 
ms monroe: i would pay him $20 to blow him lol
update: obviously marcy was having fun but...
ended up getting sick until 2am
feel better marcy

Looks Like a New YouTube Hit! LOL

marcy has had half a bottle of vodka and is working on the other half..
its going to be a long ass night...
and no girl at the front desk so marcy has to ask
danny to take photos tonight lmao
maybe moreeeeeeeeee

room 160

Roanoke, VA

email for more details LOL

Anything for attention, How Pathetic!

After the hotel lobby humiliation
 it was time for a little candle wax
what a loser!

The Loser was at it again!

So, Last night Loser and I played the hotel game.

And it worked... like magic

See the photos below...
* its so nice when you have a young woman
 Who works at the hotel, wanting to show hotel hospitality by taking photos for cash lol


What shall we do tonight? LMAO
but see the regular photos are never enough..
we have to push more..
and a loser tied up in a hotel lobby for guest to see
well that speaks for itself 

see here!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It doesnt take much to turn on a Pathetic Loser ..

OMG he has a BIGGER dick then marcy!
see below
its sideways but so what cant hardly see it right side up! lmao


marcy is out to play!

Having fun with marcy today!
marcy got heels and panties today!
see below!
candles thigh highs balloons mmmm
bra and pink thongs

Caroline's makeover was complete

The makeover was complete. by caroline...

Mistress Envy commanded Her slave to thank Miss Julie for assistance. 
Next stop on the humiliation tour was the shoe department. 
Entering the department Mistress and Her slave were greeted by a petite blonde. 
"Good afternoon, my name is Lisa. May I assist you?" "Yes.
 I'd like to see your boots with and without heels." 
Lisa responded, "Right away" and left to get boot samples.
Mistress Envy sat down while slave caroline stood awaiting her command. 
"You may sit pet." caroline seated herself, but kept her head down in homage to Mistress Envy.
 Lisa returned and while trying on various boots Mistress Envy asked her, 
"What do you think of My slave caroline?"
 "She is a well-behaved sissy and looks adorable with her satin hair bow and ribbon
It's so cute with her Mary Jane shoes." 
Mistress Envy decided on several pairs of boots and ordered slave caroline to pay for them.
When slave caroline returned she stood awaiting Mistress Envy's instructions. 
"Pet you have done well today. you may have your treat." Saying that Mistress Envy pointed to the floor. Immediatedly slave caroline fell to her knees and began licking Mistress Envy's boots.
Lisa walked over and observed the slave and began to laugh at the groveling pet.
To be continued

Where's marcy?! LOL

tonight only...the loser will be at..
The Hampton Inn...

43 Covenant Drive

Harrisonburg, VA

United States, 22801


1 540-437-0086

Check it out! Talk about exposure!

ext. 0355-4429

Yesterday I received a letter on Niteflirt.
It was from a new member/caller to Niteflirt.

His first contact was a letter about ms.marcy.

I then asked him how he found me.
 He said Youtube!
Cool huh...
LOL so apparently he saw the videos I posted of loser marcy and
of course the ones of me :)~
Then he had to see what I am all about and Niteflirt too!

Since then he has purchased a few photos of me.
I look fwd to him calling :)

I look fwd to YOU calling me! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Should Know Better!

Don't mess with me sissy marcy...
YOU should know better!
Loser marcy wants me to start fucking her over big time ..
its obvious because she just sent me a .25 tribute.
I told her it must be a mistake and the decimal was in the wrong place...
we shall see 
I think its fuck over marcy day no matter what! lol
 you thought your little bottom hurt last time!
oh I knew it was a mistake ..
thats better....for now..

The Only Contact Marcy gets is....

With herself
aww poor marcy
what a loser!
btw the loser will be in Virginia.
ms monroe: Mark Mxxxxxxxxxc and marcy monroe are both losers.
yes marcy no matter how you look at it youre a loser
ms monroe: Just toys in your toy box
my little puppet my little toy yes... wait until later we will even add the strings
wink wink

ms monroe: Thx for reminding me
Envy aka Robin: no problem

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lube a ball and a funnel for fun!

This is Chris,  I've been talking to her for awhile..
She is very submissive...
You may even remember chris...(she is on my fetish website)

Lube.. a ball and a sweet little pussy to fuck!

After riding for awhile chris removed her Chasity devise
Then put her legs over her shoulders...
Making sure to get off into a funnel that was placed in her mouth.4

For a tummy full of cummy yummy!
* if you want to see the photo larger just click it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mmmm Rubber bands and HOT wax!

& Hot wax .....