Friday, January 20, 2012

Sissy Slut ..all dressed up oh my

Look at marcy
Look at my sissy slut!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

OH this was to FUNNY I had to share it!

to set the scene...marcy went in the hall way...

ms monroe: was empty then lady came out of room next to me, OMG, she gasped
ms monroe: true
ms monroe is typing...
ms monroe: real


Monday, January 16, 2012


wow look at losers face .. 18 lbs thinner go loser

lets have a drink to celebrate!

The loser is at it again...

oh loser got a bra and panties cant wait to see it on!
loser also paid for attention see

Craigs List Ad For tonight..

I own a sissy slut
and tonight is your lucky night!
Because tonight my sissy is offering Blow-jobs
Serious Inquires only 

Ahh finally! heels and hose for marcy :)

pathetic huh
but necessary
when youre a sissy or a mistress you just understand these things
you have to ..

LISTEN LOSER IT's "ALL" true "ALL" real! Very REAL!

Call Button this was made for my loser but I am sure many will qualify

Sunday, January 15, 2012

since this photo marcy has lost 18 lbs! GO MARCY!

oh and more than the sun came out!
that day lol
remember marcy?

Oh my and another one whos name is going up ..

this is nothing I have tons of information
cc's all kinds of things lol

Oh My .... pay day pay up ..or your full name goes up..

if you dont pay up
the photo will also go back to the way 
I received it.
2:57:31 AM
sissy     boi: Ill give u 200 instead in february
2:57:36 AM
sissy    boi: Pweeeesse
2:58:17 AM
sissy    boi: Ill do anything
2:58:23 AM
sissy    boi: 200 $
2:58:37 AM
sissy     boi: and u can post all my info until
2:58:40 AM
sissy    boi: Mmmmmmmm
2:58:58 AM
sissy     boi: Warching msmarcyz videos