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Nice socks marcy!

in more way$ then one! 

see marcy below... 
see what marcy was doing @ 9 o'clock 
Because Marcy is a LOSER!

Loser Placed an ad

FUCKEN Loser <~ needed attention badly!

Loser does anything

Loser is at work! But, Loser still needs to be reminded of how pathetic the loser is.

Loser found the only thing he could find to stick up his ass..
to prove how pathetic he really is!

fucking pathetic you make me vomit in my mouth!

Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East  
3943 TecPort DriveHarrisburg, PA
Tel: 1 717-635-7299. Room 106

btw loser ...
our new youtube video... has almost 200 hits in just 6 days! lol


Latest update....

Let me fill you in..

The LOSER m&m wanted to make his Mistress happy.
Loser M told Mistress Envy otherwise known as ME
go for it you want that necklace on Ebay
* go for it I want you happy I will pay for it.
Have fun bidding <~ this is fun lol

So, Mistress bids high and gets what she wants...  a "Tiffany & Co." necklace...

Well it came...

I have other Tiffany pieces in fact Loser has gotten me a bracelet off of the Tiffany website
and that worked out beautifully :) I wear it everyday!

okay so where were we?

Oh yes the necklace well it wasnt cheap by any means Loser is not a cheap loser just a "Loser"

The necklace was not as described and was not what we saw in the photo.

So I am getting a refund.
Now loser and I get to go back on the web shopping lol

Geesh what a Loser! But I love my loser marcy :) / mark (:

Wooden penis..

Lady Gaga has revealed that she was taught about sex with a wooden penis.
The 24-year-old singer - who attended a strict Catholic girls' school in her teens - admitted she barely had any contact with boys until she was 15 because she was always being lectured about the virtues of abstinence by her school nuns.
"I went to a Catholic school where the doors were sort of shut and the blinds were pulled down when the nurse came in to talk to us about safe sex and celibacy - it was more of an abstinence conversation than it was about safe sex," Contactmusic quoted her as telling WWD.
"It really was my biology teacher who taught us about safe sex. The wooden penises would come out and she would take out a condom and we would all sort of sit there. We barely even had contact with boys until I was 15 years old."
I JUST thought I would share... I have guys use spoons all of the time just never thought about a wooden penis before lol

Marcy had clip time last night and this morning..

otherwise known as... HANGER TIME

Monday, February 21, 2011

Where is marcy...?

come out come out where ever you are!
okay so yesterday there were plane problems..
no problems tonight looking forward to playing with my sissy marcy

Sunday, February 20, 2011