Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Madness Contest ( Take Two ) Final Results

Thank you I came in Second again!! 

GO ME = Mistress Envy 

“May Madness” Contest (Take Two) Final Results

NiteFlirt_best_Phone _Sex_Screen_shot_2011-03-03_at_9.47.13_AMThe second of our contests is now in the books and it seems that these three Flirts really know how to move some Goodies!
1st: Goddess Lycia
2nd: CallEnvy
3rd: Lauren Rules
Incredible! It was a three-way domination this go around, but don’t get discouraged if you didn’t place for this, or the last, contest. We’re cooking up some new competitions and we will be looking to get more Flirts involved this go around!
With that said, there were FIFTY (!) Flirts who sold over $200 during these two weeks so it’s clearly not a loss if you didn’t place!
A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made some money for themselves by selling their Goodies in the process.
Hope your summers have kicked off well and we’ll be talking to you soon!

BELOW IS THE FIRST CONTEST May 1-`15th YAY did it here too Second Place!Thank you!

“May Madness”: And The Winners Are…

The first of our “May Madness” contests is in the books and we would like to congratulate our winners! white lingerie angel
1st: Goddess Lycia
2nd: CallEnvy
3rd: Lauren Rules
All we can say is, “Wow!” We were so impressed with all of your enthusiasm and excitement over the first half-month of the contest. More than 30 Flirts each sold over $200 in Goodies in these last two weeks, so it was a close race.

Sunday, June 1, 2014