Saturday, March 5, 2011

Andrew is back too

his wife saw the last blog posts
Bonnie wasnt to happy
oh well here are a few more for her.
 sniffing your ex's dirty panties
 Andrew gets so horny 
smelling her panties and thinking about
 her with a real man!
thats right..youre a PATHETIC LOSER
and you have a little dick

Friday, March 4, 2011

Freaky Friday

Marcy always needs danger...
Marcy always needs exposure....

Everyone loves that feeling when their heart races!

The adrenalin rush!

Marcy / Mark hadn't gotten off .. hadn't cum in over 2 months..

No I am not making that up..
boy did I have and do I have control over m&m!!!

Well today while mark is home ... and while having a brief moment alone
and family next door

m&m went on the deck and masturbated while speaking to me

YAY! GO Marcy!!! LOL
ps you may want to know why its taken so long for marcy to cum
its because we have rules..
either you cum in panties
or you cum outside
dont have that opportunity oh well.. you dont cum!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

T is for Thursday and Tiffany!!!!! OH GOOD SISSY!

okay sissy is really trying...
and spoiling me too :)
see below...
 lol I can't figure out how to open the band but I will!!! LOL :)~
I guess I am to excited ....
Thank you Sissy!

This came today!
Poor marcy hasnt gotten off in months and is doing everything to make me happy

msmarcy monroe: I love to dress like a school girl whore. I am owned by Mistress CallEnvy and obey he completely. I suck cock for her. And I cannot cum without hearing her voice. Presently I have not cum in over two months. As I must follow the rules. Mental chastity. She has complete control over me and my life. All I am good for is providing amusement, abuse and paying her money. This is all true and she really does have ultimate control.

Twist you up Thursday!

Mark Martin owns a company and is a part time sissy slut whore

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whip it Wednesday 2

The only action ms marcy gets lol
HAHA and all true!
that and clicking
and not even stroking
because mark is a loser
and cant even masturbate without me
and I have been on 8 hr long calls lately
poor poor sissy slut marcy
hasnt cum in so so long
" celibacy "
ms monroe: Saw blog. Thank you. Paid request too
ms monroe is typing..

ms monroe: Click pay and rub but can't cum because I am a loser. And losers who don't cum pay more for attention. Lol. Soooo pathetic 
monroe: I am here for abuse and amusement only
yes you are !

Do you remember the story ?...
the little engine that could
 YOU ARE ...
the little sissy that could not lol
I think I can I think I can
I know I wont I know I wont 

Whip it Wednesday

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Lookie Lookie Who's bacKkkkKkkKkk

its my friend and yours John aka Julia
the basketball coach!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Moan for me its Monday

The above cartoon is from my sissy timmy
thank you sissy timmy 
sissy timmy has a little wee wee
and it went

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday and the Loser is offering their services again lol

Sunday Service ... 
LOSER MARK proved it again!

paid the loser tax...
my weekly latte tax too..
*Nothing like making Mistress Happy in the morning with her Latte!