Saturday, January 1, 2011

Check out the New Years B*by! LMAO

First picture of the New Year! and look lookie lookie

How Pathetic
What a Loser!

Anything and Everything this year Loser!
New Years 2011
say goo goo ga ga ack
I dont do that stuff thats tos and not allowed on NF but
as always...
since the pathetic piece of shit wanted to show off for me lol
I of course had to share it!

Happy 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's not the end..
It's the beginning of a wonderful New Year!
Happy New Years Eve!

what a loser
check it out... loser went out as mark but with a bra on

nice boobies lol 
panties too HAHAHA

Thursday, December 30, 2010


marcy is a pathetic loser who needs me..
and loves me :)
marcy ...
pays for my attention 
marcy gives me what ever I want..
copies of her visa and american express cards.
drivers license...
 even social security number..
yes, I own "marcy"
Marcy is MY LOSER
my number 1 pathetic loser!
mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser! mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser! mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser! mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser! mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser! mark is a pathetic loser! marcy is a pathetic loser!
the pathetic loser  is marcy, the pathetic loser is mark!
but since you are both the same..
either way it spells LOSER
youre a loser m&m!
youre lucky because....youre my loser :*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marcy, the red-nosed prissy sissy ...

Marcy, the red-nosed prissy sissy
had a very shiny nose.
And if you ever saw her,
you would even say oh no!

All of the other Mistresses
used to laugh and call her names.
oh my...They still do too!

Then one foggy Evening
marcy picked up the phone and Called Envy
marcy begged to be the best little sissy ever..

Mistress Envy Loved her sissy..


ms.marcy shouted out with glee

I'll be the best little sissy faggot ever!

Please make me go down in history!

 *Maybe not history but I'll have you going down on someone! LMAO

Slave Caroline continued

Slave caroline loves make me happy by writing of our phone adventures... 
here is another from caroline 

It had been a delicious Christmas season for Mistress Envy.
All of Her doting slaves had showered their Mistress Envy with gifts because She had chosen to enslave them. 
Mistress Envy was now spending time with each individual slave and it was caroline's turn. the sniveling and wimpering subject had given Mistress Envy a new outfit as a gift... Black Italian made four inch black high heels.
Engraved in gold in the back of each heel were the initials ME for Mistress Envy. 
There were black silk, opaque stockings, a camel hair skirt lined in black satin, a black Aigner belt, a tailored leopard-skin print blouse with black pearl buttons as well as a black pearl necklace. Around Mistress Envy's wrist was a 24K gold flourentine bracelet. Topping it all off was a  black bilarro hat with a leopard skin hat band and a black netted vale. 
As always Mistress Envy was exquisitely gorgeous as slave caroline presented herself on hands and knees at Mistress Envy's feet. "Slave caroline a gift for you my pet," Mistress uttered as She dropped a gold wrapped package at caroline's face.
"Thank You Goddess Mistress Envy" replied caroline. "You may open your gift slave" said Mistress Envy as She lifted caroline's head up with the toe of Her high heel. Carefully the slave opened the gift and was totally taken back with what was before her. It was a black opera length kid leather glove, "Oh Mistress Envy, thank You my Goddess Mistress. It's so adorable and cute!" 

Examining the glove more closely caroline noticed that it was fill with something! Stocking stuffer indeed...the kid leather glove was filled with satin ribbons and a paisley, silk scarf. "Mistress Envy, are these ribbons and scarf for me to wear?"
"No you pathetic slave" Mistress Envy said with a laugh, "you will leave the contents inside the glove.
When I command, you will slide the glove down over your sissy stick. your next command will be to start your worship strokes." Shocked slave caroline thought that this was the ultimate humiliation...making love to a kid leather glove. 
"Go ahead my pet. you may begin your worship strokes for Mistress Envy," 
slave caroline began a rythmic stroke and before long felt the sensation to squirt sissy juice.
 "Please Mistress Envy" begged the slave, "Please!" On the verge of squirting the slave heard Mistress Envy's next command. "Stop slave caroline" laughed Mistress Envy. With all her will power slave caroline removed her hand from the glove sheathing her sissy stick. "Did you leak or squirt slave caroline? Hmm?' "i don't think so Mistress Envy," sniveled caroline. "Hand Me the glove slave caroline and let's inspect the ribbons and scarf. If there is a trace of sissy juice,,,well..." laughed Mistress Envy. slave caroline's eyes were focused on the riding crop dangling from Mistress Envy's wrist.
To be continued

Wedgie Wednesday!

Call Button
ooh I got another Victoria Secrets order today!
ooh how I love the VS ecard!
Thank you!
Here is a quick photo of some of my new panties...
I will have to get some new photos of me in them ppv mail of course :P

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Danger. Exposure. Humiliation.

all at my whim...
depending on MY mood.....
I love Power
I love Control
I love Owning YOU!
I own this loser 
 I love owning her!

I have copies of marcy's drivers license..
credit cards
all kinds of things..
phonebook info, clients marcy speaks to...
family members phone numbers and addresses
I have so much info on marcy..

are you next?
Call me !
I love flirty dirty fetish fun!
:) 1 800 TO FLIRT
ext 0355-4429

Monday, December 27, 2010

Amazing what Sissy has Done for me :)~

if you think 2010 was fun!
LMAO wait until 2011
go marcy go lmao
marcy and I have spoken almost everyday ..
or at least everyday that marcy can get away to call me
for over a year!
marcy is my bffs 

Hi Loser

its been a wonderful year!
I love my loser marcy!
isnt she cute LMAO

oh here is another memory!

Marcy and the tappered candle!
a little burn a little fun
a litte playing!
I cant wait to see what the new year brings!

I Love Pantie Bois!

my favorite panty boi is marcy of course but this one was cute so I added him too!

Check this out! I WANT TO CONTROL THIS!!!

You know how I love control!
this gives you hands free orgasms 
I want to control this cock