Thursday, July 12, 2018

205 821 5300 Call the PIECE OF SHIT! SHE NEEDS A JOB!


Martincic , I hope you enjoyed your birthday week... and are still.
I Know I am! and have! 

I will be thinking of you on mine.

next week .........when I am at the beach!

maybe then, because I will be in a good mood...

WILL I REMOVE this post..
and YOUR name... Until then FUCK IT! 
You only live once! lol 
btw.... Do you think I will be thinking of you..
When I am on the beach?????

Oh, isn't that cute, your tits are just as small... as your little cock LMAO

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy Birthday, ms.marcy! Happy Birthday to you! & ManyyYyyYY More!

It's your Birthday hmmm lol I wonder where you have been exposed LOL

Have a wonderful day! 

Happy Birthday Ms. Marcy!

ms.marcy Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

I have known you for a very long time!
To make it clear to everyone.....way before NiteFlirt ...
((I do not meet anyone. ))

Happy Birthday to my Sissy Slut 
I am so proud of you!  
YOU worked hard to be a good sissy! 
and now a skinny one too! 
Happy Birthday ....
Now...blow the .... lol  and make a wish!

 over the years... 
 we have gone through a lot and guess what
I still say F YOU youre a fucking LOSER
 however youre my loser and always will be!
 ps damn you were FAT! lol 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday , July 11! It's ms.marcy monroe aka Mark Martincic BIRTHDAY!

It's ms. marcy monroe aka Mark Martincic BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday Fucktard! 
I love you loser!

Is it midnight yet? I cant wait I will be a little early lol

Talk about creative!

look what one of my pet did for me!
didn't have a chastity devise so improvised! wow!
I love it!

Lookie lookie who I found on to be exposed! lol <~ LOLOL 

There is a website... I dont own it.

Its called to be exposed...
I think its time to use it for ms.marcy's birthday..
maybe the consent form hmm

Tomorrow is ms.marcys birthday... hmm what shall we do