Wednesday, July 11, 2018

ms.marcy Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

I have known you for a very long time!
To make it clear to everyone.....way before NiteFlirt ...
((I do not meet anyone. ))

Happy Birthday to my Sissy Slut 
I am so proud of you!  
YOU worked hard to be a good sissy! 
and now a skinny one too! 
Happy Birthday ....
Now...blow the .... lol  and make a wish!

 over the years... 
 we have gone through a lot and guess what
I still say F YOU youre a fucking LOSER
 however youre my loser and always will be!
 ps damn you were FAT! lol 


  1. All true and real. Total ownership

    1. Very real very true ... total and complete.
      Mmm the way I always planned it.