Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anyone want some cream with their coffee? lol

holy shit! look at all that cum!
omg loser
how long had it been?
did you even get it in the cup? 


Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Oh Loser purchased a toy...

I told loser to get a vibrating cock ring
but he didnt even know to put the vibrating part under his balls
what a loser

I have to teach the loser
btw loser...
did you get any replies from the craigslist yet?

Willing to please you - m4m - 63 (Hampton Inn McKight Rd)

Date: 2011-11-16, 6:17PM EST
Reply to:

Sometime crossdresser, not dressed tonight, will perform blow and go to please you i will be naked. By order of Mistress. Serious replies only email with time i will return room number.

  • Location: Hampton Inn McKight Rd
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 2706239142


click to enlarge..

Sissy Dani aka VS wanted a petticoat!

sissy dani ~>>
Now sissy Dani  can match Sissy marcy lol

Oh check it out I have someone wanting to rent my sissy!

  • judyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • msmarcy
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 8:25 AM

Message body

From: Judy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: msmarcyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 10:29 PM
Subject: Internet

Hi Marcy

I have been watching you on youtube and your Mistresses blog. You are very pathetic as your current Mistress states often.  Saw your website too.  When or if you tire of these silly games and want a real life experience hit me up. I am currently taking applications for sissy bois like you.  Don't worry, I don't charge much at all.

Your future
Mistress Judy 
I see you have been in contact with my loser marcy.
I do rent my loser out.. 

Attention; I own a sissy slut her name is msmarcy monroe
I have trained her for well over a year to do exactly as I say.
 I am offering this sissy for rental. Rental rates begin per hour and it is possible to rent her for several days. 
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
If this sissy does not perform as expected, if she refuses any command I will gladly refund your money and charge her for the same amount of rent.
 Use this sissy for amusement, for abuse just for the fun of it, or for errands and housework. 
Use her as you please. I have trained her very well at cock sucking and all her holes are ready if you desire to use her for pleasure.  
Please email for rates, serious replies only.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the day I dressed the loser up. 
marcy is my loser
 didnt we marcy! lol

Pucker Up

Such a SUCKER!

Oh look its a LOSER

i know whats in your mouth here... remember the other M .. and who that is .. oh my

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fucking Pathetic!

Anything for my attention... 

It can always .. be worse.... hahaha

When the $ is there...

which I realize will not be until the morning...
thats when the photos will come down...
and only then.
understand loser?
yes beg all you want
on your hands and knees
for forgiveness
like the pathetic loser you are!


Sissy Marcy

Reunion time..
If you have noticed marcy has not been on the blog..
thats because marcy couldn't pay to be on it lol
Marcy was broke!
I drained her dry for a 2 months lol
marcy was a pathetic broke ass piece of shit loser
now marcy is just a pathetic piece of shit dumpster loser
but shes back on the blog :)
she has $ money again lol
I guess she raised her rate!
its no longer .50 
marcy you slut!

LipStick & LipLiner Demo 101

Fucking loser!

Eww stains in your panties

 LOL marcy youre such a loser .. 

And again!

Here we go again!

aww look its a little dickie in a pair of panties oh my

oh my there is a hole and its sticking out!
aww look at that little wee wee 
how cute