Friday, April 20, 2012

who knows what will happen

on this next adventure..
it starts this Sunday...
when I drop a few things off to the loser
then I will see loser Monday..
and we shall go from there..

Here's jeffy and his little wee wee

he wanted to be included too

this photo has been removed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This time youre going to the lobby!

in this yes in this you are going to the lobby
and your little nighty under it lol

once you had the hose on they fit perfect!

now you get to wear them again loser
a few more days!

Oh ms.marcy you little cock sucker you lol

ms.marcy found a penis shaped lollipop
and had to have it
see below

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jamie's assignment

go in a store and try a pair of panties on..
then buy them
and of course get photos 
see below 

hmm what is this link for?

I have complete control

there isnt any information that I do not already have on marcy aka mark 

I have it all
I own you
you must do as told always

OMG what is it? omg its a ..


going back..oh my

guess who is coming back to town??
LOSER is thats right loser needs more abuse


ms monroe: leaving a note for housekeeping, want the sheets changed, had multiple cold wet farts last night, hmmm wonder why?
Envy aka Robin: LOL
Envy aka Robin: cold farts
Envy aka Robin: mulitple
Envy aka Robin: hahaha
Envy aka Robin: ice cubes
Envy aka Robin: hahhaa
ms monroe is typing...
ms monroe: oh well, just a loser
Envy aka Robin: roflmao
Envy aka Robin: oh that is funny
Envy aka Robin:
Envy aka Robin: