Friday, January 8, 2016

Cop Busts man wearing thong, pantyhose and an enema up his butt..


David Kimbrough from Hawkins County Sheriff's Department
David James Kimbrough apparently intended to put on a rather public, and highly unusual, sexual performance in Surgoinsville Riverfront Park last week.
When local police chief James Hammonds received numerous complaints of strange behavior in that park, he decided to not only increase the police patrols of the park, he checked it out himself. What Hammonds found when he encountered Kimbrough was something he listed among the most unusual things he’d seen in his 17-year-career.
Hammonds drove to the park a little after 9:30 on Tuesday morning. When he arrived, the only other car in the parking lot was a silver Dodge minivan. Hammonds checked the van as he rolled through the lot, and saw someone inside. Hammonds told reporters that when Kimbrough saw him, he reportedly began moving around in the vehicle. In a few moments, Kimbrough got out with his pants around his ankles. According to the police report, Kimbrough pulled up his pants, then walked toward the fishing pier. He allegedly then re-dropped his trousers and began to masturbate.
Hammonds got out of his car and walked toward Kimbrough as he observed something under Kimbrough’s hoodie and shirt. A pat-down revealed that Kimbrough had stuffed several pairs of panties under his shirt to form makeshift female “breasts.” He also had a tube of Vaseline in there.
Hammonds took Kimbrough into custody, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Kimbrough began acting as though he were in pain. That was when Kimbrough reportedly informed Hammonds that he had an enema bottle shoved up his rectum, and he needed to remove it.
Kimbrough was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. He entered a guilty plea, and was fined $500.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loser dressed up for the New Year

  look its loser all dressed up

 now loser is being a sissy slut
sissy cock sucker even

It doesn't matter what year it is..

It doesn't matter what you're wearing.
If you're a sissy 
if you're a loser
it doesn't matter because once you're one...
you're always one
with or without heels 
with or without a wig
with or without panties
you are what you are!

oh BEND OVER and pay a TAX!

Are you ready for the New Year?