Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally Fuckin Friday

Finally Fucking Friday! yay!
but my fucking loser is home...
and I miss having him around
I was busy the last night he was out ,..
on a 568min call 
Loser get over it I dont always get busy like that
I always give you my attention!
but then again you pay for it too!

:) but once again.... you're my loser and I love you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh my its Thursday

whats next?!?!
open wide!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go me...

My loser knows how to keep me happy
thank you loser
but I am not done yet lol
we both know thats the only reason you get my attention 

oh and get this...
this is just an example of how pathetic the loser is
loser has my recorded listing memorized
and can repeat it word for word!
loser you make me want to puke!

Hey Loserrrrrr

no I havent forgotten about you! lol
so dont think because I posted a story youre off the hook!


I love cross overs lol

Caroline and the Mannequin

caroline loves to document our calls.. 
by making them into stories..

here is a new one ...caroline and Mannequin Envy
Oh the urge that slave caroline was experiencing. It had been some number of months since Goddess Mistress Envy had begun to spin Her web of domination around caroline. The results were what Mistress Envy knew they would be. slave caroline was addicted to Mistress Envy and was Her slave in every way.
Each day sissy slave caroline could not wait until she heard Mistress Envy's voice and read Her blog. If only slave caroline could grovel and beg at Mistress Envy's high heels in person. slave caroline knew that this wasn't possible.
Perhaps an imaginary Mistress Envy that slave caroline could worship. A mannequin dressed as Mistress Envy. On hands and knees with head bowed in total servitude slave caroline called Mistress Envy and asked for permission to carry out the idea. Obviously Mistress Envy laughed at Her sniveling sissy but said it was okay. It would add more humiliation for slave caroline and more amusement for Mistress Envy.
slave caroline obtained a mannequin and went about dressing it like Mistress Envy would appear if She ever gave Her slave permission to see Her in person. There were the four inch navy blue leather high heels, navy blue silk opaque panty hose, a tea length navy blue and gold paisley print dress with long sleeves, a navy blue leather belt and high collar. This was accented by a gold Florentine bracelet and a strand of cultured pearls. Completing the outfits was a wide brim navy blue and gold hat with a netted vail. The last touch was to put the mannequin hands on Her hips and be looking downward. After all this is where slave caroline would be groveling and begging for her treat, kissing Mistress Envy's feet.
While calling Mistress Envy slave caroline positioned herself in a prostrate position under the mannequin. As alwats slave caroline was so excited when Mistress Envy came on the line. slave caroline went into detail of how she had dressed the mannequin. It was time for prissy sissy slave caroline to humiliate herself once again for Mistress Envy.
Mistress Envy began by asking, "sissy caroline would you like your treat pet?" "Please yes Mistress Envy please." "Beg for your treat to kiss My feet and high heels My slave." slave caroline continued her plea to Mistress Envy. "Go ahead, you may have your treat. As slave caroline licked and polished Mistress Envy's high heels with her lips and tongue she smelled the beautiful fragrance of Chanel No. 5 that earlier had been applied to the mannequin.
"Now I suppose that you want to beg me to allow you to kiss the hem of My dress and grope My leg. Well, sissy slave answer me you pathetic fool. Hahahaha." Still groveling slave caroline answered, "Yes please Mistress Envy. Please let me."
"And would this be like what your elders ..made you do when you were naughty slave?" Hahahaha 

hanger time


Monday, March 21, 2011

oh my the moods I get in..

wicked evil grin...

moan for me marcy

I like when you moan..
wait its more of a grunt....

let me find that video lol I love it
oh here it is..
Loser cums outside!

aww sad sissy..

wanted to play and i will be out this morning but back by noon!
marcy bent over good this morning
you should have seen the mark photo I had up!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heres the loser..

in her panties..

but the loser is good for somethings..
like tributes Mmmmmm $$$$
Loser takes good care of me ...
Thank you LOSER!

Sunday ...what color are your panties?

what color are your panties?
mine are blue with white clouds on them ... see