Friday, January 14, 2011

Carolines path continues

It had been some months since Mistress Envy's had first enslaved caroline.
 In this period of time Mistress Envy felt that her slave had adapted well to Her commands.
 It was time for slave caroline to go out in public.
 Out in public with wishbone belt collar and leash being led around by Mistress Envy. 
This was the next step in slave caroline's loss of dignity and manhood to Mistress Envy.
 A public display of how Goddess Mistress Envy had wrapped the pet around Her finger. 
Mistress Envy decided that Saturday would be the day to visit the mall. 
The trip would have a dual purpose, 
slave caroline could buy Mistress Envy gifts 
and it would be an excellent stage in which the slave could be humiliated. 
Upon parking Mistress Envy's limosine slave caroline opened the back door for Mistress Envy. 
Mistress Envy was strikingly gorgeous in black stiletto's, black kid skin pants, 
Aigner belt and gold print blouse. It was highlighted by Mistress Envy's mink stroller and muff. 
After exiting the car the slave bent over at the waist as Mistress Envy attached the collar and leash. 
As Mistress Envy marched toward the entrance of Bloomingdale's 
the slave followed three steps behind Her with head bowed. 
The initial stop in the store was at the cosmetics counter 
where slave caroline paid for Mistress Envy's Clinique' purchase. 
The sales lady could not help but notice slave caroline's helplessness,
 but did not say a word. Mistress Envy noticed. 
"Young lady, what do you think of my slave", asked Mistress Envy. 
"She, I mean he, ah, looks quite submissive."
 "This is slave caroline. 
Say hello to the sales lady pet." Immediately the slave responded and curtsied.
 "Since I have totally feminized caroline, I believe that she needs a make over. 
Would you mind dear?" "Certainly not" said the sales lady as she smiled.
 "Delicious" commented
 Mistress Envy as She pulled slave caroline's leash toward the chair at the counter.

bottom barry

barry the fairy mckay  mp3  click here to listen!

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barry is a pathetic little cock sucking bitch

*barry wants to worship brett ...
*barry does worship brett

barry the fairy wants to suck on Bretts toes.... lollllllll

barry would do anything for Brett.

barry , Brett said you could sit on a popsicle and guess the flavor 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well Bill ...

You seemed to bid the highest...
so you get the password....
just so everyone knows the bidding is over now..
oh wait...
one more just in
oh its a plea
do I dare....
its from marcy...
let me think about it.... lol make her sweat it out a little

mmmmmmm such a good little pantie wearing slut.....
sooo the winner....
drum roll is marcy even if she is a loser :)~
xo love you marcy it was fun!!!

lmao at this look...
ms monroe: Fuck that Bill guy. He only wants me to suck his big dick anyway. Glad I outbid him
Envy aka Robin: lmaoo
ms monroe: Can u imagine if he won?  Omg. I would be sucking his cock so often.

Danger. Exposure. Humiliation.

I love those 3 words...
Don't you?

call me fall in love me..
I love cockolding
and Owning!
little dicked losers :)

Loser Mark has been having naughty thoughts and needs to be punished.
I need to put you in your place..

oh my
lions and tigers and you better get a beer for this one!
I love using and abusing my loser m&m
see below.. or email me for the VIP password! 
on sale now to the highest bidder lol
oh my the bid is at $25 now..
do I hear $30?
OMG I got an offer of $35 from one of my other losers
they want to see what the VIP page is all about 
things up for grabs take a peek.........

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OMG Loser went to VS and got panties just like mine! LOL

here are mine.. lol
I cant wait to see the ones loser has on him!
because he loves me...see video below..

 see below for marcy in her panties lol 
lol see same ones!

Wednesday .... what kind of mood are you in?

I know what kind I am in
oh and I wonder who could be at this hotel this week..with other business affiliates oh my
does this mean we are a closet sissy this week?
3943 TecPort Drive
Harrisburg, PA
United States, 17111
I wonder if loser will get loser mail to the front desk
loser loser
I know a loser

I LOVE my sissies & I love the humiliating tasks they perform..

Let's face it sissy, you're not a REAL MAN!
The only way for you to get my attention is to perform tasks for my amusement.

You want to please me dont you sissy!?!? 

I love when you please me.. and I love when I tease you!

its tease and denial week... but I may let you cum by the end of the week..
thats if your a good sissy :)
So Sissy, Tell your favorite sissy assignment.
I know there are many but which one do you remember the most?
And why?
I love hearing your confessions! I love making you perform for ME!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anything...How Pathetic...

little dick loser


LOL mmmm information....

what kind?
all different kinds ..
huh loser..lets see

  1. address book...
  2. phone numbers
  3. credit card numbers
  4. social security number
  5. drivers license
  6. business associates numbers and email addresses
  7. the list goes on and on and on..
  8. your name 
Mark Mar     ic  

Hmmm shall we go back to project exposure?

you are a pathetic loser..
you crave my attention any way you can get it
parking lots
where ever
when ever
doesn't matter 
you pay for my attention
and that last trib sux'ed!
btw I do have a password ...and it does go to a certain vip page
and that page does have all kinds of photos on it
and information
all kinds
I love control
I love power
and I love owning my pathetic piece of chit 
marcy and mak 
which ever you are at the time!
it doesnt matter youre my loser!
and have been for a long time
you crave me
you yearn for me
you need me
you cant even cum without me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snicker... how about one more airport photo

because I do own you..
now its time for clips

Loser Stuck at airport

Loser marcy has all the luck..
and is stuck and bored at the airport..
Now ...the loser must go get naked and take a photo for me.

I know a Loser

edit : Loser took the photo see below!
thanks for the photos loser!
I love you and I hope you get to the hotel room ..
because I want to play with my Loser :)

Received this message from a friend.

Body Found on Golf Course.....

Today, Police found a Frozen unidentified man's nude body buried in a sand trap.

They describe him as having a Beer Belly, Saggy Balls, Wrinkly Ass and a Small Dick.

Are You Okay???


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alex loves and adores his Mistress Envy

 Alex B*******i is a cock sucking faggot
He's my little cock sucking pantie wearing faggot
He needs to be owned and I own him.
He adores me and loves me.

I love Alex and I love owning Alex.


I always win
I hold the key
I Love "Ownership!"

LOL Loser !!!

what a fun year! huh 
this year has only just begun!
oh my Loser youre in trouble but you love it and I know it 
how pathetic lol
 I have taken away your manhood, dignity and you will forever be "mineeeeeeeeeeeee"