Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whitie Tighties oh my!


Face SHOT!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

OH Lookie Lookie I love when my loser dresses...

Hey loser are you hungry

Just a reminder LOSER MARCY met a woman yesterday
 (a nice black woman )
Who I would like to Thank for participating! 
Thank you!
Marcy...ate her pussy until he couldnt anymore lololololol 

Last week 2 BIG BLACK COCKS yesterday 

Marcy hooked up on AFF see below!

how pathetic!
what a loser
for 110 mins marcy licked it all up 
like a good little bitch!
maybe next time marcy can spend more time between her legs LOL

Dreams Dreams and more Dreams...

Yup sissy was dreaming last night...
how are those nipples today loser
How about those balls 
LOL next stop VEGAS! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today.. Loser did something different..

Instead of being a cock sucker
he was a pussy licker!!!

a woman on adult friend finder wrote to ms.marcy
saying how she loved to be taken care of..
how she loved oral sex
well ms.marcy 
and well yes

I talked to the woman it really happened 
marcy licked
and licked 
and licked
for hours ...
until marcy had to go to an appt.
but damn marcy buried her face in there and went to town!

now I say......


I had so much fun with sissy marcy!

marcy played dress up..
while I drank martini's lol
by the way loser thanks for the 
BIG bottle of vodka and the olives
I loved the olives 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh My is it Yes it is!

it's sissy marcy in yet another hotel room
dressing for her Mistress CallEnvy
lol :)~ 
the best part was when marcy cut out the panties from the garter-belt!

( it was a all in one! built in garter-belt and pantie set )

Monday, January 30, 2012

ms.marcy makes an exercise video lolol

I could write a lot but.. 
I think the video speaks for its self! lol

I was marcy's personal trainer

And I know how to train marcy in more ways then one 

New Week New Shoes for marcy lol

Have you sent in your toilet paper roll photo?

Just because the assignment isnt on YouTube anymore..
due to YouTube removing it saying it was to sexual ..

Here is the latest entry! 
 thanks Duster....

Check out the Pewnie little penis

Damn that is LITTLE! lol
this maybe the second smallest dickie I have ever seen!
what do you think
comment let me know 
call me! or IM me lol 
teenie tiny wee wee 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I stole/borrowed this passage / blog from a friend Mistress Avarice

Mistress Avarice, included me in an blog she wrote.

see the following ....

Dommes I Adore

On the fourth Day of Mistress, I’d like to talk about…other Mistresses! 
No, not in the catty don’t ever see anyone else but fabulous moi,
but in the, I know some awesome Niteflirt phonesex Mistresses
, and you should know them too! I’ve probably mentioned all of them here at one time or another, but this time I’m devoting an entire post to the awesome dommes I know and adore. : )

Two of my faves are Lady Koregan and Milena Rouge.

Lady Koregan is not from the UK, but her style certainly speaks to me of a proper English domme disciplining naughty schoolboys. She does distance writing assignments, FOW, and helps teach recalcitrant males to behave as they should. She is intelligent, funny, and a joy to correspond with.

Milena Rouge’s style focuses on the erotic. She enjoys cock control, weaving fantasies, and teasing the poor little guys who land in her web. She is an expert in tantric sex and will be leading you around by your cock before you even know what has happened. You’ll thank her for it too.

Call Envy is sexy, sweet, and in control. She knows what she wants, and she expects you to get it for her. (and you will!) You might call her a cock tease or a vixen, but you WILL call her! I also LOVE the fact that she lives just down the road from me. (I’ll just leave you with that thought…*wink*)

It just so happens there’s another Domina who lives in my city that I know. She’s drop dead gorgeous, has an ascerbic wit, and an evil imagination. When she speaks, you will listen, or pay the price. Veronica Deville will have you on your knees begging to serve. I suggest you ask nicely. She also does in person pro-dom sessions for those who are interested.

These are just some of my most favorite dommes. There are many more I enjoy admiring from afar, and some great submissives as well, but that’s another post for another day. So, call my friends, and be sure to tell them that Mistress Avarice says "hello".

~Mistress Avarice 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext: 0340-5343

ms.marcy loses 20 lbs read all about it

I put marcy on the bike and treadmill Thursday
 we had a blast!

 I saw marcy Thursday photos and videos will be posted soon