Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slutty Katie

 Look at my slutty katie

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why a sissy slave is a sissy slave

Why a sissy slave is a sissy slave
What is the reason that a man gives up his dignity, manhood and station in life to become a sissy slave? Perhaps it is a dormant gene you received from a distant relative. Or could it possibly be...A mother who was domineering and made you play with dominant girls...Maybe your mother caught you dressed in her clothes and scolded you...A teacher at school that humiliated you in front of the class and the girls laughed the loudest...Maybe you were fortunate like i was in that a girls told me i was wrapped around Her finger and i believed it...A popular girl in high school that doesn't know you exist, but you fantasize about becoming Her sissy slave...The first time that your skin came into contact with silk, satin or taffeta and it made you feel weak...Better yet, you saw a woman adorned in a blouse or dress made of the fabric that enslaves you...What is it about a high heel or riding boot that draws out your submissive nature and you beg to worship it on hands and knees,,,Why are you so eager to prostrate yourself at the feet of your Mistress and beg to serve and amuse Her...The Mistress in Her opera length black kid leather gloves whose presence makes you grovel and beg for mercy...The riding crop dangling from Mistresses wrist She uses for training and discipline...If you had Governess in your youth was She cruel to you? Aww...Was there a dominant woman that you saw on television that you fantasized about being slave to- Morgan Fairchild, Jodie Foster, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts...And further back Martha Hyer, Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Tyler Moore...Are there certain items or sounds that trigger your sissy side? high heels or boots, kid gloves, English equestrian outfit, a silk leopard skin print blouse, a dominant Woman in a pencil skirt, the sound of high heels or a floor, the scent of Her perfume,..or just a simple look...When She crosses Her legs and dangles Her shoe or twist Her ankle around. This is some of history that Goddess Mistress Envy made me tell Her, And Mistress Envy has used Her knowledge as a lure that i cannot nor want to resist. It has been a year since Goddess Mistress Envy enslave me and wrapped me around Her finger. Thank You Goddess Mistress Envy.
sissy slave caroline-elizabeth  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beauty and the Loser lol

i took it off because i got paid to remove the face photos lol
me getting ready to see mark
and mark holding up the boobies I purchased for him
with his money of course lol