Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ms.Marcy can be a Hottie too

I love to tease marcy because I know she can take it!
she's a BIG girl  lol

but she is a HOTTIE TOO!

I love this one of her as a nurse...
sexy mama ...
did you know I went to nursing school?
I did :)
oh I like this one too...
 pretty eyes, lips and fingertips!
See the next one...
It's One of my Favorite photos...
 ...because we did this one together :)
I loved setting up the appt and sharing the experience with you
xo Envy

all my girls are sexy ..
and fun the way it should be!
because this is all for fun
I know I sure have fun!
so Join in and give me a call at

Isn't she beautiful!

These photos were all taken today...
The top photo is from our session.
Stephanie looked great see below!
Stephanie's a pretty little slut!
she has sexy legs...

and pretty blue eyes...

Friday, October 22, 2010

sometimes you feel like a nut............................

sometimes you dont!
with or without nuts xo lol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Princess Stephanie

Dancing the night away...

my pathetic sissy slut
wait sissy is going to entertain me with a puppet show...
I hope to share that assignment with you too lol 
but for now enjoy the sissy pain slut dance
I know I did LOL
for more videos go to...

or theres always the "special" page...

:) smiley lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Mercy for Marcy...

Marcy is getting ready for her dates......
tonight ...

Hallway Fun! on the Run :)~

Since its...Hump day... or Humpty Dumpty Day lol

marcy is......

marcy is a pillow-humper!
 a pillow-humper!
 a pillow-humper!
marcy is a pillow-humper!
 a pillow-humper!

That's right, LOSER!
 You ARE a pathetic pillow-humper for Your Mistress Call Envy!
 Aren't you, Humpty Dumpty lol :)~

This is where ms.marcy hopes to end up tonight
 well maybe not ends up lol ~>> Oregon Adult Theater

and then instead of the pillow OH MY! :)~ 
ANYTHING for Mistress CallEnvy (:Call Button

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Pathetic Sissy Slut

Here's what msmarcyPropertyofCallEnvy has to say:

Let’s make it clear where i stand with you. I know you don't care what i do, or how powerful i think i am or how many people i have fooled into believing i am a man. You know exactly what I am: A sad, pathetic piece of shit who doesn’t deserve the control or respect the “real world” gives me. There’s only one world where i belong…YOURS, and in YOUR world, I will have neither. I will gratefully accept your lashings whether they come from hangers or other. I will Kneel before you and see myself for what I really am…NOTHING AT ALL!

My response:

Umm helloooooo 
knock knock 
Are you trying to tell me something???
 I didnt already know ? LMAO

Monday, October 18, 2010

Assignment Monday!

I love assignment Monday!
Today, Monday October 18, 2010

Marcy's assignment is to find a costume.

I would love to find Snow White.
But, I am not sure we can find one large enough for marcy! lol

How Pathetic the loser can't even find a costume in a 44 waist geesh!

But, We haven't given up!!! 
I have a place!
They are holding 3 plus sized costumes for marcy to try on!

I was promised photos take a peek! :)
YAY! check out the photots!!! lol

MY GO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Pathetic even for a Monday morning ... groveling already! lol

ms monroe: You own me. You can do anything you want with any of the pics, videos, info etc.
I am fully aware you have all the power
ms monroe is typing...
ms monroe: I am nothing but your property

How Pathetic even for a Monday morning ... groveling already! lol

Hmm what to post today lol :)~