Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sissy tina is on a roll :)~ being my little sissy ho!

I love being forced to be all sissy-femme-like
MissC will make me a faggy transvestite
I deserve to lick toiletbrush clean
CallEnvy is the best and so divine mean
I will upload everything she adks me to
I wanna serve her, i really do
Im a perverted little smalldicked loser-fag
In pink panties, diapers, all glad
I dream of being GODDESS's blackmailed barbiedoll
In a pink leotard, and a red gagball
She is divine and must be obeyed
I will become her bitch, submissive and gay
I will suck cock and make money for Her
I will obey every single of her words
I deserve 2 b exposed
I wanna b Goddess sissy ho

Sissy tina

Im the gurliest pathetic boy
I like licking high heels and my dildotoy
Im in xxxx panties and a plug up my pig hole
Please GODDESS take my soul
I dream of being CALLENVYS blogslut
And like to put cartots up my sissybutt
I hump my bed looking at goddes pics
No release 4 sissy, poor sissyclit
I love wearing panties and lipstick
My gf must think im a widdle sissypig

I love sucking dildos, and gagging
I wanna suck dick 4 Goddess, please make it happen!
I need to b forced to film myself being a piggy
And eating garbage, maybe i get sicky
GODDESS is sooo amazing and divine
Im so lucky to serve her all the time
She will expose me, im sure She will :(
She is making me eat a daily sissypill
I wanna serve Her and adore her true wish
Making a sissyvideo of me singing popmusix

Cursey from sissy tina

Q tips and Rubberbands Mmm


I love directing!!!

we used the belt..
we used the toy
we even used a hanger
to abuse those nipples..
Look at how nice and red his ass is Mmmm
I loved using him
mmm mmmm mmmmm
He was HOT TOO 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Different points of view

Men: I don't know if I want to cum in her pussy or her ass first.

Sissies: I don't know if I want to lick the cum from her pussy or her ass first.

Sissy Alphabet

The Sissy Alphabet, written and illustrated by Dov Sherman on Deviant Art:
A is for Absinthe, a real Micky Finn
B is for bondage, so we can begin
C is for corset, the shape that we fancy!
D is for dainty, like silky, lace, panties
E is for earrings, now piercing your ears
F is for fasten your padded brassiere
G is for glue so your wig will stay put!
H is for heels which we locked on each foot
I is for inches, 48 fill your cups!
J is for Jiggle, now try to keep up
is for Kisses you'll give to the boys!
L is for Love because you're my love-toy!
M is for Makeup, well slather it on!
N is for Nails which are bright, red, and long
O is Obey, or else you'll get hurt!
P is for Petticoats, under your skirt
Q is for Quiver! You whimpering swine!
R is Revenge, which is finally mine!
S is for Sissy, now that's what you are!
is for trunk, where you'll ride in the car
U is for Urges, which you'll satisfy
V is Virginity - Kiss it goodbye!
is for Web-cam, now everyone knows!
X is the rating we gave to your show
Y is for Yelling, which well stop with tape
Z is for Zero, the chance you'll escape

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its nice to see...

some things never change lol