Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marcy's Diet starts today!

Its not New Years yet...
but, you know how marcy is..
marcy really needs a head start to her diet..

I had marcy stop the car 
strip down to nothing
go out in the woods and take naked photos for me 
good loser!

here are the before photos ..
Look at the wee wee
Its there look hard lol
 tiny isn't the word for it... lololololol

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Check out what this guy did with my photo!

This is as close as ALL OF YOU are going to get!
...your hand  wanking your dicklette to my photo lol 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Its time for some resolutions!

We all know what a loser marcy is and wants to be ..
marcy wants to be the BIGGEST LOSER well ....
I am going to make sure marcy is the Biggest Loser in more ways then one.
marcy is going on a diet!
That's right! marcy's New Year's Resolution is to be the BIGGEST LOSER
in more ways then one! lol
look for more on our Biggest Loser , ms. marcy monroe!

marcy will be walking in place. marcy will be lifting pitchers full of water. 
I will have marcy working out weekly ...  This is going to be fun!

Walking in Womens Underwear because its fun to wear lol :)~

I saw this tweeted..
and made me think of a few of you..
Of course I had to share..

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Book Store Frolic

Steven called me while in the back of the adult bookstore.
He got in the middle of the small room.
 There was a video playing in the background.
It was a little loud, but I could still hear Steve as he took the first cock
 up and down the shaft
 you could hear as he slurped and gagged.
I could hear him working hard up and own.
Finally you heard the door close again and he asked.
Did you hear that?
I said of course I did... Its not like I haven't heard you suck cock before lol
The second time the door opened ..
Steven said .. omg its HUGE its really BIG
Then Steven started moaning... you could tell from the sound of things
Steven was not swallowing. He was receiving and receiving it nice and HARD.
On and on this went..
 sucking swallowing slurping nice and wet sloppy blow jobs
Steven was such a good little faggot tonight 
He even got to jack off for his Mistress CallEnvy.

What a good little cock sucker