Friday, April 15, 2011


My loser was ordered to be tied up by the girl at the hotel lobby
there were so many customers the girl took marcy back to the room to tie marcy up lol 

Room 128

I have my little sissy faggot to play with all night long 

Sissy for Rent

Sissy For Rent
Attention; I own a sissy slut her name is msmarcy monroe. I have trained her for well over a year to do exactly as I say. I am offering this sissy for rental. Rental rates begin per hour and it is possible to rent her for several days. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If this sissy does not perform as expected, if she refuses any command I will gladly refund your money and charge her for the same amount of rent. Use this sissy for amusement, for abuse just for the fun of it, or for errands and housework. Use her as you please. I have trained her very well at cock sucking and all her holes are ready if you desire to use her for pleasure.  Please email for rates, serious replies only please.

Send all replies to Mistress CallEnvy at

Thursday, April 14, 2011

its raining where marcy is and she is making mud pies

wash your hands 
Pathetic Sissy!

Thrust it to you Thursday!

I'll thrust it to you ....
with a nice BIG STRAP ON!

or.... a DICK ON A STICK! = *dildo attached to a stick lol


A: anchor points

B: strong elastic rubber band maybe you could use a bicycle inner tube , it would stretch wel

C: cord/ chain

D: metal ring

E: cord/ chain connecting A2 & F

F: nipple clamps

G: handcuffs attached to A3

H:  dildo on a stick

have fun and play safe! lol 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump that Pillow

my Humpty Dumpty 
rolly polly

fat pathetic loser mark!
see below lol
did I mention I drained my loser..
and my loser is broke?
but its just for today.. tomorrow the account goes back up
but thats the only thing that goes up when it comes to this loser
his wee wee is broken! lmaoo


Caroline...hasnt been feeling well...
and is under doctors care.......
I just wanted to tell Caroline.... I miss her
xo get well soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



After calling me my loser IMed me on yahoo...


I ONLY chat on the phone on Niteflirt...
but anyway..

Loser was saying thank you see below..
and I was in a good mood I got a Victoria Secrets order ..

Yup spoiled but nice :)

marcy: Thank you for the call
marcy: Hangers still on
marcy: On tips now
marcy: Ok self administered pain. U enjoy you package
marcy: How about a gift card
marcy: VS ? Amazon ? Other?
Envy aka Robin: VS
Envy aka Robin: shorts are to large
Envy aka Robin: bra is beautiful
Envy aka Robin: cropped fleece pants are awesome
Envy aka Robin: love it
Envy aka Robin: got a dress sort of
Envy aka Robin: its for over out bathing suit or as a dress
Envy aka Robin: but its to big
Envy aka Robin: need a smaller size in that and the shorts
marcy: Ok VS
Envy aka Robin: lollllmarcy: How much to get what u want?  I am a loser so u name the amount
Envy aka Robin: 100
marcy: If that is what you need I will do it.
marcy: When I can get online consider it done
Envy aka Robin: okay great
marcy: It's what I do best
Envy aka Robin: yes I know it is
marcy: The only thing I am good for
marcy: Thank you
Envy aka Robin: Youre welcome Loser
marcy: I was expecting more. Nice mistress
marcy: Yes ma
marcy: Ma'am
marcy: Purchase done. U should get the email in a few hours
Envy aka Robin: lol you said you were broke if I send 250 I get 75 off
Envy aka Robin: so I should have uped it lol
Envy aka Robin: and free shipping lol
Envy aka Robin: oh well
Envy aka Robin: live and learn
Envy aka Robin: hahaha
Envy aka Robin: spend not send missed the p
Envy aka Robin: so its 175 thats what I did the last time
Envy aka Robin: and I had $10 off from them
Envy aka Robin: so it was 165 and I got 250 worht of things
Envy aka Robin: i did well
Envy aka Robin:
marcy: So
marcy: ???
Envy aka Robin: you should send me another 75 LOL then I can get $250 worth of things
marcy: Yes ma'ammarcy: Done. Sent 75 more as requested
marcy: Thank you again
marcy: T
marcy: H
marcy: N
marcy: K
marcy: Y
marcy: From one of your losers

$175 but with the special when you spend $250 you get $75 off so $175 = $250 now at VS


Cummy Cummy

nummy nummy..
whos going to eat their cum for me?
These are just a few examples below of my cum eaters!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I love being spoiled I really do!

Thanks again loser mark!
now when I get all wet...
in the shower, I will think of you!

 I love my new purple towels and shower curtain and bath mats...
thank you loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and my hard drive too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Boy Toy Tim part 2

I really enjoy talking to my Boy Toy Tim
His wife is awesome!
She does exactly as instructed to Tim for me
She even took these photos for us to use 

Some of you are probably wondering if I have ever spoken to her.
No, I haven't but I have seen her on cam .

She is a Very Attractive and Sexy woman... with really nice boobies... ;)
Who loves to help with our Boy Toy..
 We relate information to each other through Tim.

Thank you :) for the photos ... 
Tim I will talk to you tomorrow night

I Love My Boy Toys