Friday, December 17, 2010

The reunion slave caroline continued

The day of the reunion had arrived.
Arriving at the hotel Mistress Envy exited the limosine with her slave in tow.

Upon entering the Crystal Ball Room all eyes were immediately drawn to the exquistite beauty of Mistress Envy. She looked gorgeous in Her Donna Karan Wrap Dress. 
It was accented with beautiful gloves, jewelry and high heels. 
All in attendance wondered who this vision of fashion was. 
And of course there was Her sissy slave caroline being led on her collar and leash. 
slave caroline was so adorable in a green velvet dress with a red and green tafetta bodice.
Around the waist was a red satin ribbon that tied in a bow on the waist. It matched the bow that draped from slave caroline's hair. In addition, there were green tights and red Mary Jane shoes. 
After gaining composure and admiring this woman's beauty the alumnus at the registration table uttered, "You will have to help me. I don't seem to recall you in the class."
Mistress Envy retorted, "Oh, I am not in the class, but my...slave was.
I am Mistress Envy and this, pulling the leash, is slave caroline. 
I believe you knew her as carol." 
All this time slave caroline stood obediently three steps behind Mistress. 
Mistress Envy had allowed caroline the privilege of walking in rather than crawling.
Across the room there She was...Sally. Mistress Envy walked towards Sally with Her slave. 
Standing in front of Sally Mistress Envy's finger pointed to the floor. 
Immediately slave caroline dropped to her knees head bowed.
"Sally, it is a pleasure to meet You. 
Slave caroline has told me so much about You.
 It's as though we have been friends since grade school." HaHaHa 

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